Nobody should suffer alone

 Mental Health Support Groups for the Global Church


Anchor International

is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to helping people affected by mental health struggles find support and belonging in their local faith communities. We do this by equipping churches and ministries to host peer-led support groups, because we believe all people can find hope and healing in the midst of mental and emotional health struggles.

“I was in a very dark and lonely place, and having a community that I could count on made the world of a difference for me.”






Mental health is in crisis, yet the pain is often invisible.


1 in 5 adults in the U.S. are experiencing a diagnosable mental health disorder


1 in 6 youth in the U.S. are experiencing a diagnosable mental health disorder

Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death among young people worldwide
For many, the local church is not seen as a safe haven for mental health.
1 in 3 young adults in the U.S. feel they would not be welcome in their local church if they had a mental health diagnosis.
Anchor International is helping to change that.

Anchor International helps faith communities engage in mental health ministry through peer-led support groups. With our proven support group models and comprehensive facilitator training, a growing number of churches are meeting deep emotional needs for people affected by mental health struggles.

“The Overcome meetings helped me overcome the pain from my childhood that I could not seem to face. The conversations that I call ‘real talk’ made me realize that I am valued, needed, and loved. The small group provided a safe place to discover my worth. I loved the people who shared this space with me and the facilitator who was our guiding light. I shall never forget this awesome experience.”

Overcome Group Member, Texas

“Fearless is an amazing program that encourages students in bettering their mental, emotional, and spiritual health through community. It was so amazing to have time dedicated to discussing these things with a community of people that I care about and that I know cares about me. I went into Fearless kind of hesitant, not knowing what to expect, but I figured I’d try it out. I learned so much about myself, other people, and how to effectively care for myself and others. Fearless was a great experience, and I hope more people get a chance to experience it. “

Fearless Group Member, Colorado

How to Become a Hosting Church

Step 1: Sign up to host Anchor International groups

Use the form below to register your church and book your 30-minute introductory video call. We’ll answer any questions you have and help you get started with training.

Step 2: Approve your facilitators for training

Our video-based facilitator training program is located in our community portal, along with additional courses, videos, and group materials. The online training takes about 2 hours to complete, followed by a 30-minute Certification Video Call.

Step 3: Order or download workbooks

All group members and facilitators will need to have a copy of the program workbook (printed or digital), with the exception of youth and drop-in groups. These programs utilize a facilitator guide only. Click here to order workbooks.

Step 4: Register your group on our website

Each time you host a new group, please click here to register your group with Anchor International. This helps us keep our training and programs free of charge for churches everywhere.

Get Started

To get started with hosting Anchor International groups at your church or organization, please complete the form below.

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