Anchor International

 Equipping churches to support mental health since 2011


Anchor International equips faith communities to promote mental wellness for adults and teens through peer-led support groups

Since 2011, Anchor International has been creating space for faith and mental health. Founded by two seminary students who struggled with navigating the landscape of bipolar disorder in the context of their faith, Anchor International strives to provide people everywhere with a safe space to pursue both mental and spiritual wellness. Our programs are designed to create community, empower self-care, and embrace our innate value as beloved children of God.

Meet the Team

Kimberly Britt
Kimberly Britt, LPC
Executive Director
Kimberly Britt
Jordan Moore, BBA
Board Chair
Brandon Appelhans
Evan Brown, MDiv
Board Vice Chair
Brian Curtiss
Te Anna Brown, MA, LPC, NCC
Board Member
Brian Curtiss
Brian Curtiss, MBA, MS
Board Treasurer
Joanna Jackson
Joanna E. Jackson, M.S.Ed
Director of Operations & Communications
Brandon Appelhans
Courtney Jacobson
Volunteer Coordinator
Char Norman
Program Manager
Brandon Appelhans
Brandon Appelhans, MDiv

Statement of Faith

Anchor International has adopted The Nicene Creed as our statement of faith — a declaration written in 381 A.D. for all believers in Christ and shared among churches and ministries across many denominations throughout the globe today.


Anchor International does not offer supervised internships; however, facilitating an Anchor International group is a fantastic way for counseling students to gain group experience.

By choosing to launch a group, you’ll gain valuable leadership experience by taking the initiative to find a co-facilitator, partner with a local church or organization, complete your training, and lead an 8-week mental health support group.

Please check with your degree program to determine whether this volunteer opportunity qualifies for credit hours.

Contact Our Team

We look forward to hearing from you! Our team will respond promptly during normal business hours. If you’re in need of mental health support, please call 988 immediately to speak with a trained counselor.

Please note: We do not respond to requests for adding links to our website or other promotional activities. We are not a counseling service, and we do not refer or recommend any mental health professionals. 


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